General disclosure: Information displayed is accurate as of the date of the latest update and is subject to change without notice.
Effective Date: April 16, 2018
Fee Type Description Cost
Excessive Withdrawal Fee Per withdrawal when more than 12 withdrawals have been made from your savings account within 1 year $2.00
Dormant Account Fee Per month on regular share savings account with balances of less than $100 and no transaction records for the last 18 months $5.00
Reg D Violation Per withdrawal after more than six electronic transfers from a savings-type account per month $37.50
Overdraft Fee Per item $37.50
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Fee Per item $37.50
Preauthorized Draft NSF Fee Per item $37.50
Stop Payment Fee Per stop order ($37.50 per stop order if account balance is insufficient to clear stopped item) $15.00
Check Copy Fee Per item $1.00
Statement Copy $1.00 per page
Account History Fee $1.00 per page
Check Printing prices vary by check design
Alternative Checking Service Fee $7.95 per month
Alternative Checking Cashing Payroll or Government Checks Fee $2.00 per item
Alternative Checking In-Lobby Cash Withdrawal (Avoid this fee by using any CO-OP ATM that is surcharge free.) $1.00 per withdrawal
Early Withdrawal Fee, Club Accounts Per withdrawal, applies to all Club Accounts $2.00
E-Statements Free
Paper Statement Fee $2.00
Outgoing/Incoming Wire Transfer Fee Per item Domestic $15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee-Int. Per item-US Currency $35.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee-Int. Per item-Foreign Currency $15.00
Teller Check Per check made payable to third party $1.00
Certified Check $2.00 per check
Return Deposit Item Fee Per occurrence $10.00
Account Reconciliation Fee Per hour $25.00
Research Fee Per hour $25.00
International Item Collection Fee Per item $10.00
ATM Transaction/Inquiry Fee Per occurrence, applies only to non-designated ATMs $1.25
Replacement ATM Card Fee $3.00
Visa Debit Card - Standard Reorder Standard delivery 7-10 business days by mail $5.00
Visa Debit Card - Instant Issue for New Account In branch instant issue, free with $25 minimum in Checking Free
Visa Debit Card - Instant Issue for New Account In branch instant issue, $5.00 if less than $25 in Checking $5.00
Visa Debit Card - Instant Issue for Lost Card, or New Card Request In branch instant issue $10.00
Unauthorized ACH Entry Fee Per item $5.00
Third Party Teller Check Non-member $15.00